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Courtney McGee

Promoting Healthy Activity for Kids Who Shy Away from Organized Sports

In an era where family schedules are jam-packed, there is so much busyness in the name of being active. Why do parents sometimes feel as though a child who isn’t on a sports team is missing out on an experience compared to their peers? Not all kids enjoy organized sports, and that’s OK! Some kids find participating in team sports …

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Mental Health Care for New Moms

Recognizing and treating postpartum mood or anxiety disorders Becoming a mother can be the most magical of times in a woman’s life. It can also be among the most trying of times, especially for moms who struggle with mental health matters as they adapt to their new roles. That’s why mental health care for new moms is critical. Here, Sharon …

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Only But a Dream: What to Do About Nightmares and Night Terrors

A wail for “mommy!” and pitter-pattering feet in the hall. Many parents know the sounds of sleep disturbances. Sometimes, dreams get scary, and children turn to parents for comfort. On average, people dream about two hours per night. offers some theories about why we dream, including building memory, handling emotions, purging unnecessary information, analyzing recent events or processing incidental …

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Sideline Sportsmanship

Brad Boarman has worn many hats—and skates—in ice hockey: player, coach, official and parent. His dad founded an ice hockey club in 1973. In 1975, 3-year-old Brad was already playing. As a teenager, he joined high-performance programs. After college, Boarman began coaching and became an official. He’s now in his 22nd year officiating games from U8 to collegiate levels. He’s …

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