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A child runs away from a muddy soccer ball.

What Parents Should Bring to the Field

Kids train hard to be prepared for their games, but parents have to be prepared, too. Before your junior star’s next game day, be...

Teen Workout: Planet Fitness

https://youtu.be/a0orlaG6VRo Theodore "Teddy" Savage, national lead trainer for Planet Fitness (PF), and his nephew, Miles, demonstrate in the above video an easy at-home fitness routine...
Three children practice yoga in unison on blue mats. The children appear happy. The room has natural light and wooden floors.

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

When we think about yoga, most of us conjure up a mental image of a sleek studio with natural lighting, evenly spaced mats on...
A boy catches a baseball in his glove

What Frederick’s Success in Youth Sports Says About the Importance of Community

“Frederick is SPECIAL,” reads a note from Chris Jenkins, general manager of the city’s brand-new minor league basketball squad, The Flying Cows, when asked...

How to Create More Inclusive Sports Environments

Kindness and respect. Support and understanding. When we think of an inclusive sport environment, words like these come to mind. But how do we turn...