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Dental Details: Q&A with Dr. David R. Ross

We all know that feeling: Uh-oh, my child has a cavity. Was it too much candy? Not enough time spent brushing? Should we have come in sooner for a checkup?

Preventive care is always the goal with any dental visit, but many questions abound. What age should my child first come to the dentist? What measures can I take to ensure that first visit doesn’t have any unfriendly surprises?

We polled dental professionals from across the mid-Atlantic region to address common questions in pediatric oral care.

Dr. David R. Ross, DDS, MS
Baltimore County, Maryland

When should parents consider orthodontic treatment for their children?

The best time to take your child to an orthodontist for an evaluation is when they’re around 7 years old. Why 7? Well, by the time your kiddo is 7, they’ll have lost several baby teeth already and an orthodontist can look at their smile and see if any potential issues may be popping up. Not only that, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children see an orthodontist by the time they’re 7.

During your child’s first visit, most children find out that they don’t need early intervention and are monitored every few months to make sure their teeth are coming in correctly. If it turns out that your child does need early intervention, this allows an orthodontist to guide your child’s teeth and jaw development while their mouth is still growing, greatly reducing the need for tooth extractions or surgery later.

David Ross Orthodontics offers free orthodontic evaluations for children ages 7 and older.