Editor’s Picks for February/March 2022

Kindie Rock Stars PodcastKindie Rock Stars Podcast

This dynamic podcast showcases the diverse talents of children’s musicians and family entertainers. Each episode features an artist story and a song. Free

Shadow Play BooksShadow Play Books

Unfold the book, turn down the lights and switch on a flashlight to be transported into a world of imagination. These magic books will inspire parents and kids to share nightly stories. $39.90, ages birth+

Sharon Lois Bram Best Of The Best Live Copy“Sharon, Lois & Bram Best of the Best Live” 

This collection features live tracks taken from tours in Canada and the United States during the band’s touring heyday in the 1990s. Compiled by super fans, this release is the ultimate throwback experience from one of the top enduring children’s music artists. $14.99


Capture your child’s milestones with this easy-to-use app. Members receive daily texts, prompting them to text back a moment or milestone with a photo. Qeepsake securely builds these texts and photos into a digital journal that can be shared with family and printed into a book. $95.88

Art Puzzle Dancing LionArt Puzzle-Dancing Lion

Explore Chinese cultural elements of traditional folk customs of the lion dance. With its 18 knowledge points, kids can learn about these traditions as they explore their creativity. $21.99, ages 5-8

Disney Ring It On L AngleDisney Ring It On

Race to find matches for your Disney characters. Make time to play this easy, fast-paced game for kids and families. $14.99, ages 6+

Adora Amazing Girls 18 Inch Doll ClaireAdora Amazing Girls 18-inch Claire Doll

Your child can enjoy hours of imaginative play with this new friend who is confident, ambitious and entrepreneurial. Her new hobby is making and selling jewelry with her mom and best friend. $46.73, ages 6+

Mickey And Friends Magical Treats BoxMickey and Friends Magical Treats

Order lunch from a magical food truck and help sort everything out by matching colors, food, characters or the number of stars on each card. $19.99, ages 8+

Elena Epstein is the director of the National Parenting Product Awards. For more product reviews, visit nappaawards.com.