Editor’s Picks: Balance bike, party games and more indoor and outdoor fun

By Elena Epstein, Director of the National Parenting Product Awards. All images are provided.

Bunny Hopkins Swing Collection

A unique handmade wooden disc swing for indoor or outdoor play. Provides excellent sensory stimulation and is a great way to develop essential motor skills. Created with sustainable materials sourced from American Maple Wood. Vibrant natural and color stains create amazing underlying wooden grain patterns. $59-$99, ages 2-8, bunnyhopkinstoys.com


Bezgar Toy-Grade RC Car TB141

Get ready for speed. Features powerful built-in brushed motor and easy-to-use non-interference remote control with anti-jamming features. A great off-road monster truck for indoor and outdoor use. $44.99, ages 6-14, amazon.com

GraviTrax Speed Set

Create your own action-packed marble run obstacle course with this interactive construction toy. Includes height tiles, turns, tunnels, tracks and four different accessories for endless building activities. Fosters problem solving, creativity and experimentation. $129.99, ages 8+, target.com

Magnatab Free Draw

Create a sensory-based creative play experience. Using the magnetic stylus, children pull the beads up to the surface to draw pictures, letters, numbers and shapes. The beads are magically “erased” when pushed down by the tip of a finger or the swipe of the side of the stylus. Great for the home or the classroom. $19.99, ages 3+, playmonster.com

Explorer X

This balance bike goes above and beyond to be the aid your kid needs to transfer smoothly into riding a bike with safety features such as a frame pad, safe footrests and an adjustable seat that grows with your child. $99.99, ages 4-6, mobocruiser.com

Called It!

An easy-to-learn game that is fast and fun for the whole family. Turn over your topmost card in the center at the same time as family members and be the first to call out the biggest animal. Uses quick thinking, focus and lightning-fast reflexes. $12.97, ages 5+, amazon.com

Moody Moody Cars

In this unique and charming picture book, classic cars express a range of feelings from excited to angry to help kids learn about emotions. Enjoy the photos of very cool cars or dive deeper into the engine of emotional understanding that helps drive us all toward personal well-being and healthy relationships. $16.99, ages 4-8, eileenkennedymoore.com

BRIO My First Railway Light Up Rainbow Set

A 10-piece train set that introduces kids to colors, sounds and fine-tuned motor skills. It features a rainbow platform that lights up and makes sounds when the train passes through. $74.99, ages 18 months +, brio.us


Approximate. Proportion. Estimation. Showdown. A wild new family party game where players guess the size of objects in the room using 16 wacky units of measurement ranging from Honeybees and Apples to Playing Cards and Squirrels. The player closest to guessing the actual size wins. $29.99, ages 6+, amazon.com

VTech Marble Rush Corkscrew Rush Set

Construct thrilling stunts and exciting challenges, and watch marbles go for a spin. This 112-piece color-coded building set includes a corkscrew tumbler that plays a musical light show, a see-saw track, a dizzying vortex and thrilling ramps and bases that all easily connect together. When construction is complete, dump the 10 marbles out of the barrel and into action. $44.99, ages 4+, vtechkids.com

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