General Disability Resources

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Community Living, Inc.
Community Living, Inc. is a nonprofit in Frederick that supports people who have Down syndrome, autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.
B 21703, 620 Research Ct.,
Frederick, MD 21703

The Freedom Center Inc
The Freedom Center is a community-based nonprofit which works to provide services to assist people with disabilities in living independently and having the same opportunities and choices as all other persons. Its services include individual and systems advocacy, information and referrals, peer counseling, independent living skills training for people with disabilities of all ages and disabilities and transition services.
1890 N. Market St., Suite 203
Frederick, MD 21701

Legal Resources

Greenberg & Bederman
Since the practice opened in 1985, Greenberg & Bederman worked to ensure that disabled applicants can access the
support and benefits they are entitled to.
1111 Bonifant St., Silver Spring, MD 20910

Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP
Berman | Sobin | Gross LLP regularly handles cases for
Social Security Income and Social Security Disability Income. Their employees also practice in wills, estates and elder law.
30 W. Patrick St., Suite 105
Frederick, MD 21701

Family Support

Speech Therapists
Frederick-SLP provides speech language pathology
evaluation and treatment for children from infancy to adulthood for varying communication and feeding disorders including articulation, phonological disorders, expressive and receptive language, pragmatics, autism and traumatic brain injury, as well as for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. Frederick-SLP offers in-office and Telepractice appointments. It is in network with major insurance providers, including Medicaid.
10 N. Jefferson St., Suite 403
Frederick, MD 21701
301-668-1854 (office)

Basal Therapies – Pediatric
Speech Therapy
The skilled speech therapists at Basal Therapies are
prepared to create and implement treatment plans to address communication issues such as articulation, receptive language, expressive communication, social communication and augmentative and alternate communication (AAC). Basal Therapies believes there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to treatment for language delays or disorders.
8411 Broadband Drive, Suites C&D,
Frederick, MD 21701

Way to Grow
Way to Grow is a pediatric clinic, located in Spring Ridge, offering Speech and Occupational Therapy evaluation, consultation and treatment to children of all ages. It also offers social skills groups focusing on pragmatics of speech. or [email protected]
9093 Ridgefield Drive, Suite 102
Frederick, MD 21701

Physical Therapists
Amber Hill Therapy Centers
Amber Hill Therapy Centers provide pediatric Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. They have an experienced team of dedicated therapists passionate about helping your child with fine motor and gross motor needs. They are committed to providing individualized treatment programs for children to meet them where they are and put them on the path to reaching their maximum potential.
187 Thomas Johnson Drive,Suite 6,
Frederick MD 21702, 301-663-1157.
(Multiple other locations)

MMI Pediatric Physical Therapy
MMI Pediatric offers non-surgical pain management
options and can help rude pain and swelling in minimally
invasive ways.
86 Thomas Johnson Ct.,
Frederick, MD 21702

TBI Resources
Baker Rehab Group
Brain & Balance Center
Baker Rehab Group offers physical, occupational and speech therapy. Its 1-on-1 care approach allows clinicians to focus
exclusively on a patient’s success in meeting their
rehabilitation goals.
197 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite B,
Frederick, MD 21702

Meritus Total Rehab Care –
Meritus Health offers both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs, overseen by highly trained and experienced rehabilitation specialists. When patients who need help regaining mobility and independence are referred for rehab services, a care plan is built from the ground up to
address each of their unique needs.
187 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 101,
Frederick MD 21702
301-624-2460 T