Here’s What We’re Loving for You and Your Family This Month

Be Bright Lulu MainBe Bright Lulu Doll

Help your child discover their strength and courage with this unique doll whose lilac hair has a UV-activated blonde streak that turns pink in the sun. Kids can join five animal guardians and use their spirit to be confident, dream big and change the world. $49.99, ages 3+,

Care Bears Dare to Care Bear

A new friend who’s all about kindness, compassion and acceptance to all around her. This multicolored plush wants everyone to know that “it’s cool to be kind!” $14.99, ages 4+,

Dino Super Dome

Transform your little one’s playroom into a prehistoric playground. Dinosaurs roam all four walls of this play tent and can come to life with its lifelike roar button. Also includes six BONUS dino toys, and LED lights with remote control. $44.99, ages 4-7 years,

Make-A-Fort Explorer Kit

Bring creativity and building together by making forts, mazes, houses and more. Let your child’s imagination run wild. Durable, reusable and “Made in the USA.” $94.99, ages 4+,


Colorful accessories with a fun twist. The hair ties, headbands, scrunchies and face mask ear loops and mask bands are fragranced with playful scents like Cotton Candy and Vanilla Cupcake. Stretch ’em, sniff ’em, wear ’em and share ’em. $8, ages 4-12 years,

Freshwater TankFreshwater Tank

Have you ever dreamed of making a freshwater aquarium? Now you can with this fun and educational board game. With 155 different freshwater fish and 100 “incidents,” see for yourself what fish you could have and how to take care of them. The goal of the game is to become the first person to create a compatible fish tank with 10 fish. $39.99, ages 6+,

Messy Time

This book shows joyful, messy play in different environments: with art materials; with mud, sand, and water; in the kitchen; in the garden; in the bathtub. It is messy play that provides rich sensory experiences and unstructured play. At the back of the book, a section for parents and caregivers has tips for making the most of messy play, including clean-up time. $8.99, ages 1-5 years,

Messy TimeThe Get Movin’ Activity Deck for Kids: 48 Creative Movement Ideas for Little Bodies

A unique children’s movement and play deck with practices and activities for all ability levels. Through fun images and simple directions, kids will try different movements and challenge themselves in different categories. $19.95, ages 4–8 years,

LolliPost Pen Pal Kit for Grandkids (and their Grandparents)

Writing prompts give kids and adults clever topic suggestions, and a tracking postcard keeps the pen pal momentum going. An embossed folder and wax seal add fun finishing touches. $29.99, ages 5+,


Soft and whimsical stuffed animals that are oversized and super fun, with long fluffy hair. They’re also specifically designed to provide comfort and ease anxiety with their added weight, extra softness and optimal cuddling size. $50, ages birth+,

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