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New TV Shows for Kids: February 2020

New TV Shows for Kids Airing In January Includes The Crystal Maze on Nickelodeon

Back in the early 90s, Nickelodeon had the best game shows. Remember “Double Dare,” “GUTS,” and “Legends of the Hidden Temple”? How badly did you want to want to be a contestant on one of Nick’s game shows just so you could get slimed — or meet Marc Summers?

In January, Nickelodeon introduced a new generation of kids to the fun of family game shows with the premiere of “The Crystal Maze.” Comedian Adam Conover hosts this all-new version of the British hit series, which has been on the air for nearly 30 years! (Parents, you may remember Adam from his truTV show, “Adam Ruins Everything.”)

“This show is the ultimate challenge for families, proving that you have to work together if you want to win, and that’s a fact,” says Conover.

As Maze Master, Conover’s role is to guide a family team through physical and mental challenges set within an elaborate labyrinth. In each episode, the youngest family member takes on the role of team captain, leading their siblings and parents through escape room-style challenges. Each successfully completed challenge earns the family a “time crystal.”

The more crystals gathered throughout the game, the more time the family has inside the Crystal Dome. There, the family team participates in an exciting countdown challenge for the chance to win up to $25,000.

“The Crystal Maze” premieres tonight at 7 p.m. on Nickelodeon.

More New TV Shows for Kids

If your child prefers animation to action-packed TV, these three new cartoons that premiered in January are worth a watch. Parakeet siblings Ace and Polly save their neighborhood from animal villains in “Powerbirds,” a new preschool animated series airing Sundays on Universal Kids. Inspired by their owner’s love of comic books, the birds set off on heroic superhero adventures whenever 6-year-old Max leaves for the day.

New Kids TV Shows coming in January 2020: It's Pony on NickelodeonIt’s Pony,” airing Saturdays on Nickelodeon, follows the comedic adventures of best friends Annie and Pony. Annie is an optimistic farm girl living in the city with her family, and Pony is an enthusiastic, impulsive talking pony. Pony may cause trouble, but Annie knows that life is better when they stick together.

For the older elementary-school crowd, there’s “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts,” a post-apocalyptic adventure on Netflix. Following an attack by giant mutants, teenage Kipo must find her way back to her underground home, where humans have been living since the giant mutants took over the surface. Along the way, she makes new friends — humans and mutants — who band together to help her complete her mission.

This story originally appeared on Washington Family Magazine