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A Q&A with Frederick County Educators

Teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world. Teachers inspire and guide us to learn, read and write so we can grow up and pursue our passions as adults. This Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8-12), we’re focusing on the individuals making educationhappen every day.  We asked teachers from local schools and districts in Frederick County that won …

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Secrets to Throwing an Epic Birthday Party on a Dime

When I received the invite to my nephew’s pirate party, I was worried. The event was being held at his house in the wintertime, so all the 5-year-olds would be cooped up. How would more than 20 kids be entertained in a small area indoors? Would I hear so many chaotic screams of “Arrr” and “Ahoy” that I would want …

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Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Some of the most dramatic brain development occurs during the first three years of a child’s life. During this critical time children are acquiring their ability to think, speak, learn, and reason. According to the US Department of Education, the best way to nurture these young minds is to read aloud to them—even as an infant. Research has shown that …

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