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Tag Archives: COVID 19

Frederick Youth Arts Resilient in Pandemic

When the pandemic caused the operation of school buildings shops, restaurants, theaters—and many extracurricular activities—to grind to a sudden halt, no one knew how long that hiatus would be. Some businesses and organizations had a brief hiccup until mask wearing and sanitizing stations allowed them to reopen. For others, the break dragged on and on. Many are still recovering from …

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Keep That Dental Appointment

Letting your kids skip a shower or allowing them to wear the same clothes two or more days straight are hygiene practices that usually get a pass with many parents, especially as we all navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One area parents shouldn’t overlook, however, is their children’s oral health. Catching and correcting problems early Dr. Harvey Levy of Dr. …

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Hannah Downin, Meredith Gusman Named Best Nurses in Frederick’s Child Readers’ Choice Awards

Hannah Downin, Meredith Gusman

They’re humble, selfless, brave, inspiring and inspired. They’ve acclimated to situations that many have only read about on their electronic devices. They’ve gone to any and all lengths to attend to their patient’s needs. These words are only a few descriptors for Meredith Gusman and Hannah Downin, two nurses who work at Frederick Health Hospital (FHH). This year, Frederick’s Child …

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Extraordinary Challenges Create Extraordinary Opportunities

The late Rear Adm. Grace Brewster Murray Hopper once said, “The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘We’ve always done it this way.’” I’m always reminded of this quote when changes need to be implemented, no matter how large or small. It’s human nature to abhor change; resistance is usually rooted more in fear of the unknown than in …

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School-Year Resolutions to Help Keep Kids Healthy

Have you ever noticed that your child feels under the weather around the start of the school year? As students and little ones in day care spend time in close proximity to each other and touch shared surfaces, often times they spread germs to their classmates and playmates that can lead to sickness. That’s why many urgent care providers, such …

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How Parents Can Help Children Build Social Skills

While adults may joke about needing to relearn how to be around others in a post-pandemic world, children can also benefit from a refresh of certain soft skills, especially young children who may not remember pre-pandemic life. Building on these skills can also help children prepare for a successful return to school. In fact, data from Mintel shows parents’ top …

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You’re Vaccinated, But Your Kids Aren’t. Now What?

Since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout began in December 2020, health experts have touted the shots as a pathway back to normal life. While it will take months for the United States to reach herd immunity, many fully vaccinated adults are dining indoors, gathering with friends and making plans to travel again. For parents with children younger than 16, however, it’s …

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How to Celebrate a Socially Distant Birthday Party

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, finding safe ways to celebrate special events like birthdays can provide a boost for mental health. Whether you’re celebrating a kid or a kid at heart, planning a socially distant birthday party is a way to enjoy some camaraderie and honor the most important milestones in our lives. For Kids Younger partygoers may be …

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Frederick County Public Schools Suspends Small Group Instruction, Winter Sports Practices Beginning Jan. 4

Frederick County Public Schools has announced it is suspending all small group instruction and winter sports practices beginning Monday, Jan. 4, given the worsening COVID-19 health metrics in the county. All instruction will be conducted virtually until further notice, according to an FCPS news release. FCPS officials stated that during the last three days, COVID-19 metrics provided by the Frederick …

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Home-school: One Mom’s Journey to Becoming a Teacher

Choosing to homeschool this semester

It all started to unravel when the first drop of blood hit the carpet—“it” being my Instagram-perfect, curated vision of what our family’s home-school would look like. The owner of that drop of blood (and several more drops to follow) was my curly-headed, precocious three-year-old, the youngest of our bunch of four kids ages 10 and under. Her chubby finger …

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