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Tag Archives: dental health

Dental Details: Q&A with Tracy Bowden

Dr. Tracy Bowden, DDS Kids First Pediatric Dentistry Baltimore County, Maryland What’s the best way for children to protect their teeth from injury due to sports and injuries? Many parents bring their children in with mouth injuries for sports, so custom mouthguards or mouthguards that you can buy over the counter are pretty good. That’s probably one of the best …

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Dental Details: Q&A with Dr. Virts

Dr. Michael Virts, DDS Mount Airy Children’s Dental Associates Frederick County, Maryland What causes cavities in children’s baby teeth? Bacteria causes cavities. The bacteria eat the sugar that is left on the teeth after eating or drinking, then create acid, and the acid erodes the teeth, making a cavity. Cavities are caused by a combination of bacteria and a carbohydrate …

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Keep That Dental Appointment

Letting your kids skip a shower or allowing them to wear the same clothes two or more days straight are hygiene practices that usually get a pass with many parents, especially as we all navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One area parents shouldn’t overlook, however, is their children’s oral health. Catching and correcting problems early Dr. Harvey Levy of Dr. …

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