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Tag Archives: disabilities

General Disability Resources

Advocacy Community Living, Inc. Community Living, Inc. is a nonprofit in Frederick that supports people who have Down syndrome, autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. B 21703, 620 Research Ct., Frederick, MD 21703 301-663-8811 The Freedom Center Inc The Freedom Center is a community-based nonprofit which works to provide services to assist people with disabilities in living independently …

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Talking to Kids About Disabilities

By Sarah Lyons “Why do you talk like that?” I heard the question come from behind me as I helped another child in the Sunday school class. “It’s just the way I am,” I heard my sister-in-law wisely answer the curious boy. My sister-in-law, Kara, was born with cerebral palsy. She was helping me in the classroom that day when …

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The Advantages of Distance Learning

For some children with disabilities, there’s an upside to virtual school In my house, the sudden advent of distance learning has, of course, been the same shocking pivot as for everyone else I know. I talk to other moms who are fighting to get their kids to start their lessons or to finish their homework. After years of struggling, though, …

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