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You’re Vaccinated, But Your Kids Aren’t. Now What?

Since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout began in December 2020, health experts have touted the shots as a pathway back to normal life. While it will take months for the United States to reach herd immunity, many fully vaccinated adults are dining indoors, gathering with friends and making plans to travel again. For parents with children younger than 16, however, it’s …

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Debunking 5 Sleep Myths

We all know that getting enough sleep at night is vital to our health, but many parents find it difficult putting this knowledge into practice. Misconceptions about this important topic abound. With Daylight Saving Time right around the corner, it’s time to separate sleep myths from facts. 1. Falling asleep very quickly (“before my head hits the pillow”) is a …

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Post-Holiday Recovery: 6 Ways to Restore Your Energy

Now that the holiday frenzy is coming to a close, the couch is calling. Netflix marathons are second to none and the surplus of candy, cookies, cakes and confections is hard to resist. Like bears deep in hibernation, we wait for sunny days to call us out of our winter slumber. If you’re feeling drained, disheveled or downright dreary, don’t …

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