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Parent You Should Know: Laurie Carmody

Laurie Carmody became familiar with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through her sister-in-law, who has autism—and a love for teddy bears. That led the picture book author and mother of two from Monrovia to put her talents to use and write a book that could help children with undiagnosed autism feel seen and heard. When her protagonist, Corey—a boy with undiagnosed …

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The Importance of Play and Neurodiversity

Imagine a newborn lying on a mat and reaching for toys hanging overhead, a toddler building a tower of blocks and knocking them down—over and over again—or a child bouncing and catching a playground ball with peers. Each child is playing and learning at the same time. They are learning about their strength, balance abilities, problem-solving and motor-planning skills. They’re …

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Maintain the Joy of the Season and Overcome the Post-Holiday Blues

Each year, the holiday season brings with it a lot of excitement, activities and social gatherings. We often make a special effort to decorate Christmas trees, treat our children to Santa sightings, purchase colorful wrapping paper and gifts, make festive cookies and treats and even take the time to “move” our Elf-on-a-Shelf in unique poses! The entire month of December …

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