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Tag Archives: Urbana

Lemonade Dreams: 9-year-old Frederick County Entrepreneur Hits New York

Zoe Mack, a 9-year-old entrepreneur from Urbana Highlands, is set to serve her product at a New York gala this Sunday. Her brand, Zoe’s Pink Lemonade Soda, is made for all to enjoy—but especially with kids like Zoe in mind, given its kid-centric gift packs, vibrant colors and plushies. It’s a dream that came together almost by accident. It all …

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Parent You Should Know: John C. Fehl

What’s the hardest part about juggling both parenthood and your career? The hardest part about juggling parenthood and my career is balancing the time evenly between the two. Priorities always need to be set in both areas, which often means I must miss important moments in my child’s life or a deadline at work. While I am passionate about a …

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