What Parents Should Bring to the Field

A child runs away from a muddy soccer ball.

Kids train hard to be prepared for their games, but parents have to be prepared, too. Before your junior star’s next game day, be sure to go over this handy checklist.

Did we forget anything?


Grab a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher and make sure your slugger slathers or sprays it on before they go outside. Nothing ruins a victory party like a sunburn! If the mosquitos are out, bug spray may be a good addition to your game-day bag.


General stretches are a vital part of every warm-up. But it’s also important to stretch for your sport like you move for your sport. Have your child stretch by slowly mimicking the movements of their activity.

Safety Gear

Every sport has gear that makes it a little safer. One often-overlooked piece of safety equipment that should be in your child’s packing list is the mouth guard or gum shield.

Water Bottle

Players perform and feel better when they’re hydrated. Kids should hydrate before, during and after the game.

Spare Clothes

When you’re having fun, terrible, terrible things can happen to your clothes. Kids sweat. Pants rip. Gatorade flows. Parents should come prepared with a spare set for kids to change into—especially if you plan on going out as a family or team after the game.

A Towel

Include a towel in your child’s pack for them to wipe off the sweat for a good grip on the ball and to keep their eyes clear.

Post-Game Snacks

Win or lose, the stomach marches on. Bring some baby carrots, apple slices or a banana to help your child replenish their energy after the game—or at half-time.

Activity Books or Games

As any kid with a sporty sibling will tell you, tagging along can be a drag. Bring a mobile game device, make sure phones are charged and toss a coloring book and a few crayons in the bag. Just in case.

Team Attire

Even if your child’s second-grade soccer match isn’t selling merchandise, your family can still show their support by matching the team in game-day colors.

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