6 apps that help mothers connect

These apps can help new moms make mom friends | Washington FAMILY magazine

When you have little ones, making new mom friends can be a lot like dating. You lock eyes with another frazzled mama across the playground and wonder whether you should approach her. Just when you work up the nerve to say hi, your kid starts having a tantrum and you’re forced to make a speedy exit.

It’s a story many mothers can relate to. That’s why more and more of them are turning to apps to meet new friends. Here are six apps specifically for moms to meet other moms—and they’re all free in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play!

Band of Mothers: This is a brand new app created by Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee, stars of the Band of Mothers Podcast and the nationally touring comedy show “The Pump and Dump Show.” Moms can join groups about specific subjects, such as kid-friendly recipes and potty training, to ask questions and share ideas with other moms across the country. They can also connect with and score deals from brands.

Peanut: Get your swiping fingers ready — this matchmaking app is like Tinder for moms! Users fill out a profile with information including their city, kids’ ages, occupation and interests. The app then matches them with similar women, and users swipe up for moms they’re interested in connecting with. If both moms swipe up, they’re a match — and they can chat and arrange meet-ups in real life.

SmartMom: Sometimes you just need advice from another mom who’s been there and done that. SmartMom is a community of parents who love asking questions and giving advice. There are also over 3 million answers already in the app, so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

SocialMama: SocialMama matches like-minded moms based on location, unique needs and lifestyle. Moms can search for co-working buddies, workout partners, play dates and other pals by filling out a profile and indicating all sorts of categories — military, single moms, LGBTQ+ and many more. They can also describe their “perfect mom friend”— coach potato or marathon runner, crunchy or mainstream, etc. Plus, there’s a forum where they can ask questions and give advice.

Social.Mom: This app is a social network where moms can meet and chat with other moms, find local activities, create events and get deals just for them. The app suggests friends based on location and kids’ ages.

 Wolf + Friends: This is an app just for mothers of kids with special needs — autism, ADHD, learning differences, developmental delays, anxiety, giftedness, behavioral challenges, sensory processing disorder and Down syndrome. Moms can make new friends in their community, read relevant news, shop developmentally appropriate products and get lifestyle tips from occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, child psychologists and other experts.

Written by Jennifer Marino Walters