The Best Songs of 2020 for Kids

For families staying safer at home, children’s music can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it helps encourage little ones to get up and moving and keeps them entertained for quite some time. On the other, there are few fates worse than having to hear the “Cocomelon” intro dozens of times each day.

Looking to update your family music playlist? Sugar Mountain PR, a public relations company specializing in children’s media, asked dozens of kids’ radio professionals, from Kinderling’s Dave Stevens to Kenny Curtis of Kids Place Live on SiriusXM, to share their favorite tunes of the year—and the list is extensive. In total, they selected 146 new and original children’s songs as the best of the year.

Here are the best songs for kids of 2020. With so much exciting music this year, several songs tied for spots in the top five!


“Boomerang” by 123 Andrés with Konshens the MC, Rita Rose and Verny Varela
“Cooperation” by 123 Andrés with Rissi Palmer
“Glad You’re Here” by Justin Roberts
“Grateful” by Suzanne Jamieson with Alphabet Rockers
“In My Socks” by Walter Martin
“Love!” by Pointed Man Band
“My Name is Juno (Hello Jupiter)” by Claudia Robin Gunn
“Play with Sky” by Ziggy Marley, featuring Ben Harper
“Put Your Mask On” by Mil’s Trills, featuring Uncle Jumbo
“Shine Your Light” by Lonnie Park and The Earth Band
“To the Moon and Back” by Elliott Park
“Vamonos” by SaulPaul with 123 Andrés
“Vibes” by SaulPaul with Alphabet Rockers
“What Is a Leader?” by Alastair Moock
“You Are the One” by The Okee Dokee Brothers


“Glue” by Frances England
“Kindness is King” by Brighter Light Brigade
“Love Will See Us Through” by Elliott Park with Lilah Benjamin


“Cats Sit on You” by The Story Pirates
“Follow” by Elliott Park
“Jump for Joy” by Red Yarn
“RBG” by Joanie Leeds
“Thank You Universe” by The Oot ‘n’ Oots


“Be a Pain” by Alastair Moock & Friends
“Be Outside” by Jazzy Ash
“I Am Enough” by SaulPaul
“I Am Kind” by Lindsay Munroe
“If You Want a Song” by The Okee Dokee Brothers

And the #1 song for kids is…

“Daddy Daughter Day” by Peirce Freelon