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Get Reading, Get Moving!

Discover stories to nurture your child’s healthy body, mind and spirit.

Board Books

‘Bathtime for Little Rabbit’

‘Bathtime for Little Rabbit’
illustrated by Jörg Mühle
Make taking a bath fun for your little one. This interactive book encourages good hygiene routines. Your child will delight in helping rabbit get clean.

‘My Art Book of Sleep’

‘My Art Book of Sleep’
by Shana Gozansky
Sleep is essential for everyone to stay healthy. This book brings various art forms and words together to create a beautiful lullaby for your child.

Picture Books

‘Dancing Feet!’

‘Dancing Feet!’
by Lindsey Craig
Each page shows a set of footprints, and the reader tries to guess which animal they belong to before turning the page to find out. This picture book is ideal for reading to little ones as they creep, thump and tiptoe alongside the cast of animals.

‘Hop, Hop, Jump!’

‘Hop, Hop, Jump!’
by Lauren Thompson
Rhyming text, accompanied by labeled illustrations that identify parts of the body, encourages readers to wiggle, twist, stomp, zigzag, hug and shrug.

‘Unstoppable Me’

‘Unstoppable Me’
by Susan Verde
In this book, we see an unstoppable little boy run, jump and soar through his day. He takes a little time to refuel, then he’s back at it—zooming and zipping around.



Young Readers

‘Don’t Throw It to Mo!’

‘Don’t Throw It to Mo!’
by David A. Adler,
illustrated by Sam Ricks
Mo is the youngest and smallest player on the football team. He is teased by the rival team, but Mo’s coach comes up with a plan to use Mo’s little size for a big win. This book explores perseverance and a passion for sports perfect for the progressing reader.

‘Cartwheel Katie’

‘Cartwheel Katie’
by Fran Manushkin,
illustrated by Tammie Lyon
Katie enrolls in gymnastics class after watching gymnasts on TV. Somersaults and cartwheels aren’t as easy as they look, and Katie considers dropping out. This book about determination is great for readers in kindergarten through second grade.

‘A World of Pausabilities’

‘A World of Pausabilities: An Exercise in Mindfulness’
by Frank J. Sileo,
illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin
Following a neighborhood on a summer day, this story is a gentle reminder to stop, take a break and notice the details in our busy days. Days are filled with endless pausabilities! The author includes a note to parents and caregivers on ways to introduce pauses into your child’s life.

Middle Readers

‘Just Feel’

‘Just Feel: How to Be Stronger, Happier, Healthier, and More’
by Mallika Chopra, illustrated by Brenna Vaughan
“If you are reading this book,” writes the author, “it means you are old enough to be aware of your feelings and how they affect you. It means you are ready to be responsible, to express what you want, and to make decisions about how you live. In this book, I am sharing some of the ideas and tools that we use to support each other’s feelings and manage our days.”

‘Sports Illustrated for Kids’

‘Sports Illustrated for Kids: Women Athletes Who Rule!’
by Elizabeth McGarr McCue
According to the author, “The women in this book—superstars, wonder women, trailblazers, record breakers, and champions—are extraordinary athletes who shaped the narratives of their sports. Their stories—on and off the fields—will inspire anyone who truly appreciates awesomeness in athletics.”


Teen Readers

‘The Knockout’

‘The Knockout’
by Sajni Patel

Kareena Thakkar has landed an incredible opportunity—a chance to participate in the U.S. Muay Thai Open, with her eye on the Olympics. But pursuing her passion for fighting might mean alienating both her Indian-American family and community. Things get complicated when Kareena starts to fall for Amit, who seems to be perfect and Indian in all the ways that Kareena is not. This own-voices story details courage, identity, community, and family in this book.

‘Coming Up for Air’

‘Coming Up for Air’
by Nicole B. Tyndall

After a family health scare, Hadley just wants to keep her head down, focus on finishing high school, and getting into art school. All of her careful plans are derailed when she meets the charismatic and impulsive Braden. The two fall hard for each other, but their happiness is tested by growing secrets and devastating family news. This coming-of-age story details themes of strength, loss, addiction and first love.

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