Cutting Costs For our Little Competitors

Cutting Costs For our Little Competitors: Sports are expensive. Over the course of their childhoods, my two kids participated in soccer, ice hockey, snowboarding, baseball and cheerleading.

My youngest is a real jock who currently takes two gym classes (living his dream) and has a weekend job coaching. And he’s growing. Like all the time. So, naturally, it feels like there is something to buy all the time as well.

When we lived in Montana, I discovered Play It Again Sports that kept my family from going bankrupt or stir crazy during the nearly eight months of winter sports.

A nationwide retailer, Play It Again has locations in Ellicott City, Maryland and in Leesburg, Virginia.
When we asked parents on social media where they bought used sports equipment, Play It Again came up again and again.

Parents can shop for used items in good condition, such as ice skates and hockey pants (or what we called “breezers” out west) without investing too much money for a pastime their kid may give up next year.

And if their child does put down his or her hockey stick, parents can trade it in at Play It Again for a tennis racket or other items.

What else is out there?
Ski swaps were another big thing out west and often take place within any ski community, again, because of the high cost of equipment.

You can find DC Ski Swap on Facebook. In Northern Virginia, NOVA Hockey Swap on Facebook is a Buy and Sell group specifically for hockey gear like skates, sticks, gloves and blockers. You can also check out Facebook Marketplace for families in your area selling lacrosse sticks, baseball gloves and more.

There is also TotSwap in Maryland, one mom reminded us. TotSwap hosts sale weekends each spring in Gaithersburg, Frederick, Timonium and Howard County. The Gaithersburg sale runs  June 24-28 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds.