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Parent You Should Know: Larry Touchet

Photo by Heather M. Ross

For Larry Touchet, coaching baseball for his three boys is more than just an opportunity to bond over a shared love of the game.

“To be part of their learning and growing process in such a relatable way is priceless,” he says. “Whether it is spending time with them teaching them the fundamentals, or having meaningful conversations about self-confidence and the power of working together in life, it has been my greatest accomplishment and one I will always feel the most proud of.”

Baseball coach is a role he’s taken up readily over the past 11 years, but Touchet also upholds several other titles: electrician, husband, national Tae Kwon Do fighter (He has been state champion in Maryland and Virginia, advanced to pretrials for the 2000 Olympic team and even won a bronze medal at the U.S. Open in Hawaii) and, of course—father.

After moving from Louisiana to the DMV, Touchet has been a Frederick resident and business owner of Provident Electric for the past 20 years. He lives between Linganore and Spring Ridge with his wife, Patti, and children, Brady (16), Garrett (12) and Dylan (11).

What drew you to your career, and what do you love about it?

Shocking as it was (pun intended), I found that I really enjoyed this field! Making a difference in my employees’ lives, realizing that it’s the journey and not the destination that makes us the company that we are and fully living alongside the challenges that come with scaling and growing are by far the best parts of my career.

How do you balance work and coaching with family time, and what makes it easier?

Keeping a balance between work, coaching, and my family time is all about communication, understanding and setting the right tone. We prioritize making sure the kids are able to be successful in their own goals and activities, especially the ones that they are most passionate about. When you show the ones you love how to live a life of meaning, of service and of passion, all while encouraging them to do the same, it becomes contagious. Our biggest desire is to show them that they don’t have to choose one particular path… as long as they are always reaching for their goals they will never fail.

What have you learned from coaching that has affected how you approach family life?

When you coach a baseball team, you learn patience. I’ve also learned that transitions are important; they know that I know the right moments to ‘take the cap off’ and just be there for them. Most importantly… It’s so important in both coaching and parenting to show that it’s okay to fail, because then the moments where they succeed mean so much more!

What do you love about parenting?

I love it when they call me Dad. Its my favorite word. I love it when they come to me for advice…there’s nothing better than feeling like I’m making a difference. I can’t imagine not being a father.

What’s one thing you hope your kids learn from you and your career?

Show up for the things that are important to you, and for the things that are important to the people that you love. Nothing worth fighting for is easy…but its nearly impossible if you aren’t there in your heart and in your head.


Family Favorites

Jambalaya – I’m originally from Louisiana, so cajun cooking is in my blood! Making it can turn into a full family activity, and we have spent many evenings laughing and having great conversations around a jambalaya pot.

We are a family divided (between banana pudding and cheesecake).

Way to Spend the
Weekend Together:
Barbecuing while the kids play in the pool (or when) it’s too cold outside, we head to a batting cage or cuddle up and watch movies on the couch.

Hilton Head Island is our favorite summer destination. It’s our little slice of heaven.

Sport to Play Together:
Basketball after dark! And of course, we love playing catch any time.

Local spot:
Whether it’s a date night with my wife, or a summer stroll after dinner …Carroll Creek Promenade. Our other local favorite is Harry Grove Stadium…especially on fireworks nights where one lucky spectator gets to flip the Provident Electric light switch to turn off the stadium lights and start the show!