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Parent You Should Know: Amy Smith

Amy Smith's Family. Amy Smith, her husband, and her three kids.
Photo by Imgorthand via Getty Images

What inspired you to create your own designs?

I love supporting my kids in whatever activity they are involved in. Typically, I’m on a sideline cheering my son for baseball or coaching my daughter’s rec cheer team. I knew I wanted a matching team cup and decided I could make them!


What’s the hardest part about juggling parenthood and your career?

The hardest part for me is I often need quiet to create a design. It’s been challenging to figure out how to create with all three kids home during summer!


What makes trying to balance both easier?

Writing down inspirations when I first get the idea, starting my day earlier then the kids so I have uninterrupted time.


What do you love about being a parent?

It’s incredibly rewarding knowing I helped create three amazing human beings. They are kind, funny, smart and caring. It amazes me daily I was chosen to be their mom!

What do you think is your biggest parenting fail?

Technology. Looking back, I wish I would’ve kept them from it longer.


What’s the one thing you hope your children will learn from you and your career?

I hope they understand everything we do as their parents is from a place of love. To find their niche and keep pursuing it.


Why is art an important part of education?

I think when we think of art we think of Van Gogh, et cetera, but we often forget how many facets of art there are. If we are patient enough to continue to learn, there’s a form of art that appeals to everyone. Never stop learning.


Editor’s Note: Amy Smith designs tumblers through Lizzy Beth Designs, You can find a small collection at Urbana Art and Soul ( or at She specializes in custom orders and local sports teams. Smith resides in Urbana with her husband and three children.


Family Favorites

Family: Tommy (husband), Lane (13), Charlotte (12) and Austin (5)

Meal: Breakfast for dinner!

Vacation: Lake Huron, Ohio

Way to Spend the Weekend Together: Baseball games

Craft: My daughter and my youngest son love to paint.

Place to See Art: We enjoy all the art all over Frederick County. So many beautiful buildings, paintings and history within our community. We love to take drives through the country.