Community-Minded Moms: Karina Goytia of Frederick MD Food Truck Info

Karina Goytia (Frederick MD Food Truck Info) and her family | Photo courtesy Bella Harlor Photography

Karina Goytia took over as administrator of the Frederick MD Food Truck Info page two years ago because she knew the value this resource could be for those working in the food truck industry.

“On social media, you have to pay to do boosts and sponsored ads,” she says. “Some may be able to pay for them—some not. (The group) is an easier way to have a free platform.”
Instead of venues and customers emailing trucks individually for potential dates, they can visit the page and connect with a wider audience of nearly 8,500 members. Food truck operators can communicate with one another, and folks can see the variety of food offered in the county.

“The more that trucks support each other, it is better for all of us,” Goytia says. She enjoys seeing the newer trucks take advantage of the page and work toward securing bigger venues.
Goytia, a mother of four, is the owner of Traditional Authentic Mexican Food, which has three trucks and opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant in February on Buckeystown Pike.
Although she has lived in major cities like Las Vegas and Houston, Frederick is the most heartwarming town her family has known, which motivates her to give back.

“I believe that if you are giving, the universe returns it either to you, your family or your loved ones. You never really know when you are going to need it. I enjoy living in a town that is like that. As long as we can keep giving, we will continue to (give).”

Lots to Love About Motherhood

Karina Goytia cherishes “watching them grow and become a tiny image of you. To get hugs and kisses always, to know you light up their world, to have the opportunity to raise them that is what I love most.”