Looking for a Mentor? Look to Summer Camp

Image via Getty Images

January is National Mentor Month. This month offers a great time to celebrate the positive relationships that are vital to a child’s development and well-being. Summer camps are ideal environments for fostering mentor relationships, according to the American Camp Association.

The ACA, which works to preserve, improve and promote the camp experience, believes that children and teens need nurturing mentors, outside of members of their own families, who take an interest in who they are, celebrate their successes and help them learn from their failures. Camp counselors and staff do more than simply teach young campers. They impart on them core elements of positive mentoring relationships.

According to the ACA, camp counselors:

  • Share anecdotes and life stories, often using their own successes and failures to offer insight;
  • Model appropriate behaviors, such as empathy and fair play;
  • Guide campers in life skills, helping children and youth learn to get along with others, build friendships, lead and work as a team; and
  • Support campers emotionally, by offering reassurance during difficult or overwhelming situations.

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