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A Fruity Sprinkle Surprise

To kids, birthday parties are a big deal and only happen once a year. From the decorations to their friends and all the sweet,...

Therapy Pets: The Hard-Working Companions that Lend a Paw and a Heart

Having a pet around the home adds comfort, companionship and often laughter to family life. But for children undergoing therapies, recovering from an illness...

Treat Mom for Mother’s Day with These Fun Gifts!

Mothers! Stop right there, and hand off this list to your family. Do not read. This is a surprise! Alright, now that the moms are...
Becca Austin, her son, and Trevor

Triumph Through Motherhood

Becca Austin has learned to trust her instincts. The 32-year-old Walkersville resident and business owner has been through a lot in life, having undertaken...
Three children practice yoga in unison on blue mats. The children appear happy. The room has natural light and wooden floors.

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

When we think about yoga, most of us conjure up a mental image of a sleek studio with natural lighting, evenly spaced mats on...
A boy catches a baseball in his glove

What Frederick’s Success in Youth Sports Says About the Importance of Community

“Frederick is SPECIAL,” reads a note from Chris Jenkins, general manager of the city’s brand-new minor league basketball squad, The Flying Cows, when asked...

How to Choose the Perfect Summer Program for Your Child with Autism

Summer camps and programs can be transformative experiences for children with autism, offering opportunities for growth, socialization and skill-building. However, selecting the right camp...

How to Create More Inclusive Sports Environments

Kindness and respect. Support and understanding. When we think of an inclusive sport environment, words like these come to mind. But how do we turn...

Take Your Child to Work Day: Past, Present and Future

For many children participating in Take Your Child to Work Day (TYCTWD) on Thursday, April 25, the experience will be enlightening, exciting and, quite...